Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Wanna Be The Guy

IWBTG, or I wanna be the guy is a game in which you'll play "the kid" on his journey to becoming "the guy". It's a platformer game in which your role will be to move from screen to screen, eventually fighting bosses on your way to becoming "the guy".

This is actually one of the hardest game that was ever made, you luckily have check-points and infinite lives, yet, it's really hard, you will be attacked by apples, spike walls ... you might even die in tetris or killed by link ! This game is only for people who like extreme challenges and have good nerves, there are many differents traps and you will find yourself dieing a way more than you though it's possible to when trying to finish a game.

To help you on your journey you are able to double jump and have a small gun that will be used to fire at occasional enemiesand to kill bosses.

IWBTG is a game for people who don't fear dieing multiple time just to move from a small screen to another one.

If you wanna try the game, you can download it here.

Here is a video of the game being played:

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Portal, is a game where you are given a single and unique weapon which can create ... Portals ... when you enter a portal, you exit the other one at the same speed, but facing the direction of the exiting portal, which allow you to access higher places, ...

The real challenge of this game is that you must think with the portals, but sadly, the game is in my opinion way too short.

I would tell anyone who'd like enjoy a new and refreshing gaming experience to give a try to portal if he haven't already, because even though it short, it's still a great game.

Some people (like me) may find the user created maps interesting, because some of these are really well made.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Civilization V

Civilization V is a Turn Based Strategy game, which means that players will all play their turns, unlike RTS (real time strategy) there is no micromanagement needed as you just order your units what they have to do and don't control them during battle which let players having to focus on their macromanagement only.

I started playing it yesterday and i must say that it's quite good and worth it, if you liked Civilization IV you'll like this one.

There are several ways to win the game, i personally only try to win using the Scientific victory, in which you have to be the first to sucessfully build and assemble a spaceship, granting you victory, i like to play this way because i really like teching up :p

I played my first game on an easy difficulty settings and i'm actually starting my second game, i'll try to do this one on an higher difficulty setting so it will be more challenging.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Pandemic 2

I'm going to start playing Civilization V today or tomorrow, it's more than likely that i'll make a review on it by then. For now i'll speak of a 'funny' flash game i found today (it's quite old i know, but i'm not really a flash game player). It's called Pandemic 2. In this game you are playing a virus which you can upgrade, your goal is to kill every single human being on earth.

For those who played the game, you will understand this picture... and wether it makes you rage or remember how realistic it was, i hope you'll find it acruate, for others, just try playing this game and you'll understand :) .

One of the best thing in this game is, for me, the upgrade system, you can really customize your own virus the way you want, this is a screenshot of the upgrade screen:

Also, if you have games you'd like me to review, just tell so in the comment, i'll see what i can do.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


I was asked to make a small review on minecraft, so i'll go forward.
MineCraft, is agame made by "Notch". on minecraft's website you can play for free a sandbox version of the game where you can just hang around the world generated by the game and place blocks, which is really cool for some people who will make Giant structures or just art.

However, if you purchase minecraft, you will enter in a giant world filled with caves to explore. you may even find diamond if you dig deep enough. Whenever you mine a block it will give you some recources (diamond ore if you find a diamond vein). you can build
a lot of items with the different thing that you harvest
(pickaxes, axes, swords, armors, ...).

Yet, the best part of minecraft is, in my opinion, when the night arrives or when you are going in a deep cavern because it will cause different kind of monsters to spawn around and try to kill you. The enemies that are the funniest and the worth at the same time are called "creepers" they will walk near you and explode in an attempt to take your life, but there are also spiders, skeletons and even zombies.
This video shows someone who traped a few of these creepers and caused them to explode ... quite scary when you think that tonight one of them might wait you in your cave.

In Minecraft the only thing that limits you is your imagination, it became even more true when the multiplayer started. Thanks to the multiplayer you can go and build floating castles, underwater domes, and even more things.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

League of Legends

Riot anounced that soon, a new map will be introduced to LoL and the graphism will be improved. With this we'll have a total of 3 maps. a map where we fight on 5v5, taking DotA's design mostly, a 3v3 map made for ganking and fast games (they usually last 10 to 15 less minutes than the other one). And a new 5v5 map, which will come with new monsters, teleporters and even more awesome things.

On a side note, one of the champion that i enjoy playing the most is Annivia, it's a frost phoenix with, to my mind,  the most awesome skill set you could hope to have on any champion.

also, for my next entry, i'll try to speak a little about minecraft which i was asked to review.


I started playing LeagueOfLegends a while ago, to start with, leagueoflegends is a game based on DotA (a popular Warcraft3 mod). It's a free to play game and it's quite fun. For people who don't know about DotA or LoL, the goal of the game is to get to and destroy the enemy base.

LoL's website (incase anyone wanna give it a try) is there.

Friday, September 24, 2010

My First Message

Hello everyone, and welcome to my new blog. On this blog i will speak about the different video games i enjoy playing, and what does i think about them.