Monday, December 6, 2010

WoW: Cataclysm

The new expansion of world of warcraft came out today, in a week the arena season will start and my rogue is still level 56... damn me for being lazy, i'd really better start leveling now so i can be 85, in 2 week if i try hard enough.
I'm aiming for the gladiator title for this arena season (gladiator title is given to the top 0.5% teams of a server), i'll be playing with 2 people i know. a mage and a paladin (or maybe a priest, depending which char he will feel like playing). wish me good luck

(french version should come out around tomorrow)


  1. wait, 85, when did they rise the max level?? e__e

  2. Don't forget to take it into moderation, it's quite addictive :)

  3. Haven't played WoW in 2 years, is it worth getting back into? Or should I use those hours upon hours of free time for something more important.

  4. im happy there finally releasing cataclysm (but only so they can focus development on diablo 3, i dont care for the game at all)