Sunday, December 12, 2010

Flash Game: Dungeon Developer

Dungeon Developer ( is a flash game where your goal is to lead adventurers higher and higher in your dungeon. there are 15 floor which you can map almost entirely by yourself, except monsters, traps and power-ups that are already set when you get the floor.
It's really fun to have those adventurers try to explore your dungeon until the final boss.
There are medals depending on how fast you can have the adventurers to finish it.
I've done it, on my first try, on 24 days which gave me the platinum medal :p


  1. fuck just wasted like half hour on that and i still dont know what the hell...... :)

  2. To punish them although not done but meant. Following!

  3. Good find, i've been looking for something to keep me preoccupied...